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Study Trip to South Korea 2018

Zaman University and Solbridge International Business School organize a Study Trip to South Korea in the upcoming spring!!!

Students will experience more than an abroad trip. On top of City Tour and sightseeing, you will also get the chance to attend courses and workshops offering by the international school in Korea, company and university visit, plus other fun activities.

Date: 12th to 17th April 2018

Program includes:

Summer Course Open: International Political Economy

This course, International Political Economy, will highlight and examine the reasons why states developed the way they did- why some states are poor, while some others are prosperous; and why some states have good governance, while others do not. It examines the inner workings of a state, and tries to ascertain why they developed the way they did, through analyzing its economic growth and governance.


Zaman University's students rank 1st place in CIMB ASEAN Stock Challenge 2017

Zaman University, Panharith Leang and Keanghok Lay, won this year National level of CIMB ASEAN Stock Challenge with a net gain of 21.66% on their stock portfolio. This achievement has also marked the 4th consecutive year that our students placed number 1 in this competition since 2014. 

Student Start Up Goes International MLab Cambodia

An edtech company founded by Zaman University students and supported by Zaman University, has been selected by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications to participate in StartUp@ASEAN organized by Inofcomm Media Development Authority of the Singapore Government.

Tech Developers Gather for the Khmer Coders Convention at Zaman University

In one of the biggest gatherings of the technical development community, about two hundred professionals and students gathered at Zaman University for the Khmer Coders Convention


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