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RMIT Foudation Studies Program at Zaman University

On 15 June 2018, Zaman University signed an agreement with RMIT Training, which is a company under RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia that provides educational services to international students through the RMIT Foundation Studies. Based on this agreement, Zaman University has been chosen as the official partner of RMIT Training in Cambodia and has been authorized to offer RMIT Foundation Studies at Zaman University.

Professional Training Program on Self Motivation

Self-Motivation workshop will be beneficial for those who are trying to excel in high productivity. All participants will be able to take the keys to unlock their high potentials which weren’t seen prior to the session.

Self-Motivation will add a great value in both personal and professional to all kinds of participants, providing the tools and techniques as well as the understanding to assist to drive their self-motivation and understanding yourself better.

Registration Deadline: March 30, 2018


Get to Know Some College Majors at ZamanU’s Open House

On Saturday 25th August, Zaman University organized an annual Open House Day, a walk-in event which allowed fresh high-school graduates an opportunity to ask questions about available majors and programs at Zaman University. At the top of the Open House’s agenda, students listened to a presentation by a representative from RMIT University. The representative gave an overview of a joint Foundation Year Program offered in partnership between Zaman University and RMIT University based in Melbourne, Australia.

Winners of the Supreme Writing Contest Sharing Their Experience

It is the fourth year for the Supreme Paper company to hold its Supreme Writing Contest. This year, the organizers chose the theme “Product of Cambodia” for the competition as candidates were required to write essays about products that symbolize Cambodian nationality. The top five candidates were selected to pitch their essays on stage on 23rd August, 2018

Scholarships for ZamanU Students from Hunan University

Studying abroad is the dream of many students which not only gives them an opportunity to obtain a quality education but also offers them the chance to learn about foreign cultures through trips and interactions. Under partnership with Hunan University in China, Zaman University’s graduates can study for their graduate degree at Hunan University. This year, four students from ZamanU will be attending Hunan University to pursue their Master’s Degree in Applied Economics that is taught solely in the English language.


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