Frequently Asked Questions

No, students who successfully passed their Bacc II exam are eligible to apply for admission at Zaman University . However, certain departments require students to take a Math Placement Exam to determine the courses they will take in their freshman year.

The placement test is held during the orientation week (i.e. one week before the start of the semester).

Yes, you can. You just need to make the payment of the registration fee in advance.

Yes, you can do so. However, the application and registration fees are non-refundable.

You may view the application form online to check out the required details, but you must complete and submit the hard copy application form to the reception desk along with a $10 application fee.

To be admitted to Zaman University, all students must meet the minimum requirements as follow:
•  High school diploma or a letter from your school indicating that you graduated or will graduate this year
• A passing grade from the Grade 12 Exam for Cambodian citizens 
• A passing grade from the Zaman University English Proficiency Test or IELTS 5.5 / TOEFL IBT 60
• A passing grade from Zaman University Entrance Exam for the     Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Information and Computer Technologies
•  National ID card
•  Completed application form
•  4 passport-size photos

There are 2 semesters at Zaman University  and a summer term. Semester 1 begins in early November and finishes in late February. Semester 2 begins in mid March and ends in late July.

At the present, Zaman University has 9 departments and offer the following undergraduate degrees​: Civil Engineering (CE), Architectural Engineering (AE) Architecture (ARC), Construction Management (CM), Computer Science (CS), Management Information Systems (MIS), Business Administration (BUS), Banking & Finance (BAF), Political Science & International Relations (IR). Click here to see all the Faculties and Departments offered at Zaman University.

Yes. We offer an international standard in university education and all of our degree programs are going to be recognized internationally.

Lecturers at Zaman University are qualified and experienced professors​ who received their postgraduate degrees from reputable universities around the globe. They typically have a PhD in their field or at least a Master's Degree with teaching/professional experience.

Course schedules are arranged by the Provost and typically spread over the week between 8AM and 5PM. In addition to their regular class hours, students are expected to spend 30 to 45 hours per week for independent study and research. For the English Prep School, the session runs from 8AM - 12PM, from Monday to Friday.

There are 18 weeks in a semester (including the final exam preparation week and the final exam week).

There are 2 semesters at Zaman University  and a summer term. Semester 1 begins in early November and finishes in late February. Semester 2 begins in mid March and ends in late July.

Although attendance comprises only 10% of the overall grade, students are strongly encouraged to attend and partcipate in all class activities. Absenteesm will result in low grades or failure in the course. 

It varies between 132-160, depending on the major of the student.

It depends on your selection of courses as required in your curriculum and approved by your academic advisor.

A degree program typically lasts four years. Students may delay their graduation if they choose to take fewer credits in each semester or if they fail several classes and need to repeat them. 

Yes, you can, but you have to schedule an appointment with the head of the department that you wish to transfer to. Once the department head determines the number of credits and specific courses that you can transfer, the registrar's office will help process your transfer application. 

Tuition fees at Zaman University range from $1,000 to $2,000 per semester depending on the programs students enroll in. There are two semesters in a year. All students are required to pay a $500 registration fee at the beginning of each academic year.​​ For more details, please click here.
Click here to view the tuition fees for the academic year.
Yes, Zaman University  provides two types of tuition fee scholarships: 
Type A Scholarship: is based on the student Bacc II result
Type B Scholarship: is based the result of Zaman University 's scholarship exam. The exact number of scholarships will be announced before the beginning of the next academic year. To keep updated with our announcement, please follow Zaman University 's Facebook Page.

The registration fee is $500, and is not included in the scholarship.

For the scholarship that is based on the National High School exam (Bacc II) grade result, the students who pass the Bacc II exam in the same academic year are eligible. For scholarships based on Zaman University's exam, any Cambodian student who has passed their Bacc II and is not currently studying at Zaman University is eligible to apply.
Type A Scholarship: As soon as you have learned about your National High School (Bacc II) exam result you should visit Zaman University and register to enroll in your desired major, and secure your scholarship place. The scholarships are offerred on first-come-first-served basis. 
Type B Scholarship: To register for the scholarship exam, students must fill out the scholarship application form, and pay the form fee. The application form can be downloaded from the Zaman University website, and it must be filled out and submitted to the reception desk along with the $5 application fee.

No, Zaman University only provides scholarships to students who start as freshmen.

No, the Scholarship Examination is administered only once.

Yes, they can fill out a scholarship application form and take the exam in the English Language.

National ID or passport or any ID with your name​ and photo on it. 

Prospective students are given 2 hours to complete the Entrance Examination.

The level is similar to the Grade 12 Examination. The type of the questions will be multiple-choice. The questions mainly measure students’ knowledge and skill abilties.

The language of instruction at Zaman University is English.

If you fail the English Proficiency Test, you are required to enroll in the English Prep School.
The academic environment at Zaman University is challenging and demanding. You should have good skills in English in order to satisfactorily complete your major. 

Yes, you are exempted from taking the English Proficiency Test if you have a TOEFL iBT score of 60 or an IELTS score of 5.5. 

Registration Fee: $500/year

Tuition Fee: $1,000/semester

Yes, you will have the same percentage of tuition fee scholarship awarded to you. The tuition fee scholarship does not include the registration fee.

English Prep School students study in morning, whereas self-study in the afternoon.

After taking the English Placement Test (EPT), you will be assigned to an appropriate level and placed in a homogeneous classroom according to your EPT result.

It is going to be during the orientation week, first week of the academic year, at Zaman University.

It will be a 2-hour test.

The questions will test your reading, grammar, listening and writing skills. According to the result of the test, you will be placed in an appropriate level and classroom.

Zaman University adopts the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to determine the level of students in the English Prep School. Please see the table below to have an idea about levels. You will be placed into one of them.

 Levels of the Zaman University English Prep School
Basic SpeakerA1, A2
Independent speakerB1, B2
Proficient SpeakerC1, C2


Before the beginning of the next academic year, you will have a chance to sit for the English Proficiency Test (for EPS students) or the English Placement Test (for new students), and you should be able to at least "pass on conditions". 

Zaman University  is located on street 315, in Toul Kork area (close to TK Avenue). 

No, Zaman University  has only one campus at the address above. 

The university has a number of student clubs such as Football club, ZUMUN, etc. The university is located in a convenient location in Toul Kork close to cinema, shopping mall, sport clubs where students can also choose to spend their free time off campus.

Students are not required to wear any uniform to the university. However, proper casual dress code is expected on campus. 

There are limited accommodations provided by the Harmony Dormitory, which is a partner of Zaman University. Students may fill out an application form (availble at the reception desk) and contact the dormitory directly.

Zaman University is proud of its facilities including:

• Smart board and projectors in classrooms

• Multipurpose Conference Hall

• Computer and Language labs

• Engineering lab and MIS lab

• Design and Architecture Studios

• Rich library and online library resources

• Wireless, fast and reliable internet connection

• Spacious canteen