Faculty of Engineering Departments

Department of Architecture

The four-year program in Architecture leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. The Architecture major establishes an intellectual context for students to interpret the relation of form, space, program, materials and media to human life and thought.

Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering covers a wide range of engineering applications from dams, tunnels, pipelines and highways to buildings. Civil Engineering is distinguished as being one of the earliest engineering disciplines. Throughout the ages it has provided creative and feasible solutions to many of the basic human needs and problems, and it still continues to take pride in being a fundamental building block of civilization.

Department of Construction Management

The four-year program in Construction Management leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. Major emphasis is placed on organizing and managing the construction phase of society's efforts to improve the environment. The constructor is an important member of the building team and requires a professional knowledge of techniques, materials, equipment, job planning and cost control to add to the contributions of the planning and design professions. Graduates of this program can help supply the urgent needs of the construction industry and its related fields.