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Zaman International School students took the English Proficiency Exam

Grade 12 students from Zaman International School took the English Proficiency Exam at Zaman University on 28 March 2013.



Zaman University Launches "Choosing the Right Path" Program

Dear grade 12 students,

You will graduate from high school soon. Would you like to study a degree program in a university, but do not know which subject to choose? Do you know the curriculum of degree programs such as Business, Design, Engineering and Computer Science?

We are here to help you answer all of these questions. Our experienced faculty members will “Lead your way” and help you to:

New Human Resources website launched

After months of gathering input and planning, Zaman University has launched its new HR website, which includes a user friendly interface, an online resume and application process, and information about Zaman University, working conditions, Cambodia and current job positions.
The project began in September 2012, as part of a comprehensive plan to structure the HR website to be a gateway for all HR functions. The Office of Human Resources looks forward to having continuous client feedback on how well we are helping through our HR website.

Zaman University celebrated International Women's Day

Zaman University celebrated the International Women’s day on March 7, 2013 with the participation of Her Excellency Nhem Morokot, Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Women’s Affairs.



Second International Conference on Mathematics and Technology in Mathematics Education

Zaman University sponsored the Second International Conference on Mathematics and Technology in Mathematics Education held on March 4-6, 2013. The conference was organized by Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport, Cambodia and attracted many local and international academics, practitioners and students.



The National Olympic Committee Culture and Education Program

Zaman University hosted the National Olympic Committee Culture and Education Program, 2013 on March 1st.



Zaman University Aikido Club in Kizuna Festival

Zaman University Aikido Club participated to Aikido demonstration as a group in Kizuna Festival 2013 organized by Embassy of Japan in Cambodia held on February 16-19, 2013 at Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC).



Zaman University organized ZUNSEF 2013

ZAMAN University organized “Zaman University National Science and Engineering Fair (ZUNSEF)” on January 19, 2013. Twenty-two projects were presented in the program by the students from 5 different high schools (American Intercon School, Bak Touk High School, Hunsen Sereypeap High School, SOS High School, Zaman International High School).

More than 300 visitors including students and teachers from public and private high schools came to be part of the fair.

Apology for the job announcement

Zaman University recruits lecturers who can communicate with high proficiency in the English language, have thorough knowledge in his or her field, have research background, have publications in international journals and have experience in lecturing, regardless of the origin of his or her diploma.

We sincerely apologize to the Ministry of Education; administration, lecturers, and students of all higher education institutions in Cambodia for the inconvenience caused by the incorrect job announcement previously published.

Zaman University

New Year Party 2013

Academic Support Unit (ASU) organized a new year party to welcome the year "2013." The party began at 3:30 pm and  finished about 5:30 pm.. The party commenced  with a brief openning speech by Dr. Kenan Kapukaya and continued with several games, a knowledge competition prepared by Mr. Sok Udom Deth  and musical performances. At the end everyone enjoyed cookies, cakes, and pastries made by the Cooking Club members .  Approximately 150 students and staff  members participated  in the new year party.