Office of Student Affairs & Registrar


Studying in Zaman University offers students the best opportunities for learning. It also gives students the chance to make meaningful life-long connections and network with their faculty and friends.
We believe that students learn both inside and outside the classroom and that the person develops his potential to the fullest by active participation in campus activities.


  • Provides administrative support to students who express interest in pursuing a degree course in Zaman University.
  • Provides information and guidance to students on choice of course and ascertain their suitability for the chosen course.
  • Holds regular Open-House events with a tour of the facilities thereby allowing the students to make an informed decision about the choice of their university.
  • Coordinates student clubs & societies and allow potential students to take up leadership positions thereby developing leadership and management skills.
  • Plans holistic programmes that address the “whole” person i.e. intellectual, physical, emotional, social and cultural aspects.
  • Organises events to promote student and staff bonding as well as cross-cultural interaction at the university.

Contact Info:

  • Venue: Zaman University Campus,  First Floor, Room:108
  • Operating hours:  Monday-Friday   8 A.M. – 5 P.M.
  • E-mail: