Institute of English and Foreign Languages

Institute of English and Foreign Languages
The vision of the Institute of English and Foreign Languages at Zaman University is to be a prominent center for learning and teaching foreign languages at Zaman University. This vision prioritizes the teaching and learning of English as a global lingua franca in academia, economics, business, politics, science and many other domains.
As the Institute of English and Foreign Languages, our mission is to ensure that our students become proficient users of English language, not only for general, but also for academic and professional purposes. The programs and courses offered by the institute empower Zaman University students to have mastery in general English, and sharpen their academic English skills.
Promoting the study of another Asian or European language at the university is also a part of our mission. Elective foreign language courses are offered for the sophomore and junior students who want to learn Basic Japanese, Basic Chinese, Basic Turkish or Basic Korean languages. Elective Foreign Language courses weigh 3 credit-hours.
English Preparatory Program
The goals of Institute of English and Foreign Languages revolve around the increase of the quantity and quality of language education at Zaman University. English language is the medium of instruction and examinations at Zaman University. We aim to minimize student-enrollment loss caused by language barrier. For this purpose, a preparatory program in general English is conducted in various levels.
Prospective students are expected to be proficient users of English. Applicants are exempted from English language requirement providing that they submit test results from internationally-recognized English tests such as TOEFL iBT(60) or IELTS (5.5 band). Those applicants who fail to do so are required to pass Zaman University English Proficiency Test (EPT). Students who fail in the English Proficiency Test have to enroll in the English Preparatory Program in order to study general English and to sharpen their academic English skills. English Preparatory Program consists of 20 hours/week regular class sessions in the mornings in addition to extra practice and tutorial sessions held in afternoons. The institute aims to build a reputation for English and Foreign Languages studies through its highly qualified instructors, high quality facilities and learning environment.