Department of Digital Arts and Design


Cambodia, in recent years, has witnessed an explosion in advertising and communication that has resulted in the emergence of an aesthetic awareness in both the public and the private domain. There is a growing demand for well-educated designers in all aspects of visual language and communication. The Department of Digital Arts and Design strives to promote visual literacy, and the production of visual language to communicate messages through illustration, typography, photography, advertising, computer graphics, packaging, and contemporary media. To this aim, students are encouraged to utilize and experiment with contemporary production technologies.
The educational philosophy of the Department of Digital Arts and Design is to question well-worn graphic trends, emphasize critical and theoretical thinking, and contribute innovative and individual proposals to the field.


The mission of the Digital Arts and Design Program is to educate the students to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of graphic design so that they can produce original and unique designs by using electronic graphical environments. It is aimed to especially emphasize teamwork, independent and innovative thinking and leadership qualities. In particular, the Digital Arts and Design Program aims to:

  • Train the students to have theoretical background in IT and to be equipped with necessary technical skills,
  • Develop students' competency in reading, writing and oral communication,
  • Provide practical experience which will enable students to utilize and enhance their IT knowledge,
  • Promote students' self-discipline and self-assurance and the ability to learn on their own,
  • Encourage team work, collaboration and development of interpersonal skills,
  • Motivate the students towards contributing to the progress of science and technology,
  • Teach the importance of ethical behavior in social and professional life,
  • Produce graduates for the engineering and the business communities who are observant, inquisitive and open to new technologies for developing better solutions,
  • Produce graduates for the engineering and business communities with integrity, determination, judgment, motivation, ability and education to assume a leadership role to meet the demanding challenges of the society.


The Department of Digital Arts and Design’s undergraduate program consists of a two-phase curriculum. The first two years constitute the initial phase. A broad based curriculum during the first year exposes the students to fundamental art and language education as well as courses in Art History, Art and Culture and foundation studio art classes. The second year is made up of more intensive studio classes in Visual Communications, Illustration, Photography, Computer Graphics and Video Technology and Production.

The last two years comprise the final phase of the Graphic Department curriculum, where the student may choose to concentrate on Visual Communication Graphic Design, Illustration or Media Technology and Production. In-depth theoretical courses such as Analysis of Artwork and Philosophy are offered, in addition to a comprehensive array of electives which support and enhance the core curriculum.

Job opportunities:

Graduates of the department qualify for a responsible position in the IT industry, public and private sectors. Prospective employers include, but are not limited to, advertisement sector, TV commercials, computer gaming sector, and various government agencies.

What can you do after graduating from our Graphic Design and Multimedia major?

  1. 2D and 3D Animators
  2. Computer Games Designers
  3. Web Design for all businesses
  4. Aircraft Designers
  5. Urban City Design (especially for a developing country like Cambodia)
  6. Cartoon and Movie producers
  7. Fashion Designers
  8. Automobile Designers
  9. Graphic Designer
  10. Digital Artist
  11. Multimedia Producer
  12. Film Effects Producer
  13. Computer animations for news on TV
  14. Design and create animations for advertising new products
  15. Military equipments design for defense
  16. Web Design for all businesses

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