Career Center

Career Center (CC) strives to provide the highest quality comprehensive career services to all matriculated undergraduate students and alumni of Zaman University. The Career Center functions as a vital component in the total educational experience of students, primarily in the development and implementation of career and educational plans. Career Services fosters partnerships with employers, alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, and the greater community to increase their participation in providing opportunities for the career development of students.


In helping students to successfully connect their academic accomplishments with a wide variety of employers and to move forward in their roles as well-educated world citizens, the Career Center aims to simultaneously support the goals of each individual as well as the goals of our broader context: regional Cambodian employers, Zaman university, whole Cambodia, Khmer nation, and the extended global community.


Assist students and alumni to explore, choose, evaluate, and implement effective career development plans.

Encourage students and alumni to utilize experiential opportunities as a means to explore careers and build career skills.

Encourage students and alumni to develop career management skills to enhance their success in obtaining satisfying career employment and/or further education.

Provide opportunities for students and alumni to gain access to a broad range of employers, employment information, and entrepreneurial opportunities.


Student Success:  Educate students and alumni to make successful and purposeful career-related decisions through individual meetings, group interactions, current resources, and cutting edge technology.

Collaboration:  Cultivate and maintain partnerships and collaborative programs with employers, the academic community, and other University constituents through providing information, programs and outreach, and interface opportunities and experiences.

Diversity:  Serve the needs of a diverse community seeking career-related information and experience.

Teamwork: Maintain a collaborative and productive working relationship with our co-workers through open communication, mutual respect and consideration, and teamwork

Communication: Utilize a variety of media and technology to effectively communicate information, and ideas to students, faculty, employers, staff and the Zaman University community.

Quality Service: Provide outstanding service to all constituencies in a warm, welcoming, and respectful environment.


Career Programming/Career Workshops: Learn job searching skills, develop competencies, and create a career plan

Career Advisement/Guidance: Improve career decision making skills

Networking Events: Interact face-to-face with employers

Employment Opportunities: Interview with employers, find jobs.

Career Experience: Find internships, part-time and summer jobs, and volunteering and mentoring opportunities for related experience and to gain practical competencies

Career Resource Information: Collect data, identify options, and locate career/job internet resources

Employer Development: Establish, cultivate and maintain contacts with local/regional/national companies

Technology: Primary way to communicate as an office and with students, faculty and employers


  • Career Planning & Counseling

Career Center provides counselling, workshops and resources to support career planning, including help with choosing a major; resume guidance; career and graduate school advice; and much more.

  • Resume Resources

A winning resume can make the difference in getting that all-important first interview. Zaman University Career Center helps students prepare their Resumes in the most appropriate way to apply for a job, internships or graduate studies.

  • Interview Preparation

We offer workshops on how to interview, invite employers to speak on the topic, and offer mock inter­views to help you on your next interview.

  • Jobs & Internship

Career Center helps students to determine which opportunities match their interests and goals by reviewing job descriptions. In order to expand their potentials, Career Canter helps them to participate internship programs or summer jobs.

  • Career Fairs & Events

Finding a job or an internship means making connections. Our Center schedules numerous events throughout the year that bring employers from companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies and more to campus.