Academic Support Unit


The mission of the Academic Support Unit is to provide all Zaman University students access to a variety of academic skill-building opportunities that will assist them in their pursuit of academic excellence in a format that accommodates various learning preferences and schedules. Academic support services include counselling, tutoring, building study skills, tracking student academic progress, assessment and advising.


The primary functions of the Academic Support Unit Manager are to foster a successful transition to the university environment by students in their initial semesters, promote major exploration to ensure students choice of appropriate major, foster students engagement with faculty advisors/mentors at critical points, and promote timely graduation. 

Academic Support Unit assists students with all sort of things including: building a core schedule, engaging with the curriculum, managing your time, improving your academic performance, making new friends, building co-curricular connections, finding your place at Zaman University, managing a personally stressful time and experiencing our diverse community.


  • Peer-Tutoring Program: offers tutoring for several courses when classes are in session. Help is provided for the following courses:

·         ENGR 101- Introduction to Engineering

·         ACAD 101 – Fundamentals of Academic Skills I

·         BUS 101 – Introduction to Business I

  • Counselling Services (Individual Counselling on career or personal concerns)

Academic Support Unit will treat each student as an individual, understanding that each student’s path to degree attainment may be different. The issues such as career indecision, exam anxiety, academic pressures, homesickness, adjustment to their new surroundings, and difficulties balancing work, school and home life are the topics to be examined during the individual counseling sessions.

  • The Academic Success Workshops

Academic Support Unit will develop academic support resources for students to be included in academic workshops such as:

Academic Skills Workshop

Student Success Workshops

Exam Skills Workshops

Strategies for Effective Note Taking

Time Management

Dealing with Test Anxiety


Reading for Speed and Comprehension

 What’s Your Learning Style?              

Preparing for and Taking Exams


  • Student Satisfaction Surveys

As part of our commitment at the University to enhance student performance, it is beneficial for us to know our students’ opinions about their experiences. The responses that our students provide will tell us where we are doing a good job and where we have need for improvement. The information in the surveys will be kept completely confidential.

  • Tracking Absenteeism (Student Absence Reporting – Online)

Many absences are not about students willfully missing school, but are excused absences. And poverty plays a big role through such factors as lack of access to healthcare, unreliable transportation and frequent moves or homelessness. Academic Support Unit`s first step is to secure the right data as the reason of absenteeism and then we try to identify and support chronically absent students.