“Successful Life” – by Mrs. Sotie Heidt

Mrs. Sotie Heidt, the wife of the current U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia was at Zaman University on Thursday, 14th December 2016 to give a guest lecture and hold discussion with our students on the topic of “Successful Life.” The question of how you should define a professional and personal success was thoroughly discussed, and the barriers to achieving the success and how to overcome them were covered as well.
Mrs. Heidt has been living a life of a diplomat for the past 17 years. She and her husband have served previously in Cambodia, Indonesia, Poland, Switzerland, and assignments with the United Nations in New York and Washington, DC. She considers herself a citizen of the world and is passionate about volunteerism and giving back to the community in whatever country she happens to reside. She has strong interest in helping children grow up to be good, model citizens and seeing women (Khmer in particular) attain happiness in all aspects of their lives.
Below is the summary of the main concepts being discussed in the lecture:
  Professional Success:
  Barriers to Professional Success
  ·  Successful person has good habits
  ·  Hate your work but don’t know what you like
  ·  Love your work – have passion in it
  ·  Lack of time/overworked
  ·  Satisfied with what you have achieved professionally
  ·  Greed
  ·  It may be money but not always
  ·  Fear of change
  ·  Feeling content with where you are
  ·  Fear of failure
  ·  Comfortable with your finances
  ·  Concerns about what other people say
  ·  Happy at workplace
  ·  Comparing and despairing
  ·  Not feeling overwhelmed/overworked
  ·  Self-doubts
  ·  Success is subjective
  ·  No interest in self/professional development
  ·  Keep oneself on the outside
  ·  Complacency
  Personal Success:
  Barriers to Personal Success:
  ·  Family Life (Spouse & Children)
  ·  Extended family – the in-laws (in some cases)
     – Never-ending of owing gratitude
  ·  People around you – The web of life
  ·  Unhelpful friends
  ·  Feeling whole and complete
  ·  Vices – gambling, drinking, drugs
  ·  Happiness is self-created
  ·  The weight of other people’s opinions
  ·  Emotional well-being – peace and tranquility in your
     heart and mind
  ·  Unfamiliar with conflict resolution skills
  ·  Health
  ·  Lack of counseling services
  ·  Be the best person that you can be for society
  ·  Lack of trust in counseling services
  ·  Be a model citizen – take pride in yourself