Faculty of Information and Computer Technologies Departments

Department of Computer Science

The Computer Science curriculum is designed to provide the officer with the technical knowledge and skills necessary to specify, evaluate, and manage computer system design; to provide technical guidance in applications ranging from data processing to tactical embedded systems; to educate the officer in the analysis and design methodologies appropriate for hardware, software, and firmware; and provide practical experience in applying modern computer equipment and research techniques to solve daily problems. The curriculum also provides for concrete experience in computing practices — the skills and ways of thinking that mark a computing professional.

Department of Digital Arts and Design

Cambodia, in recent years, has witnessed an explosion in advertising and communication that has resulted in the emergence of an aesthetic awareness in both the public and the private domain. There is a growing demand for well-educated designers in all aspects of visual language and communication. The Department of Digital Arts and Design strives to promote visual literacy, and the production of visual language to communicate messages through illustration, typography, photography, advertising, computer graphics, packaging, and contemporary media.

Department of Management Information Systems

Information and its technological applications are among the prerequisites for a country's development. Computers, being one of the technological applications, enhance competition in all sectors. On the other hand, interdisciplinary approaches and studies are becoming more and more widespread in the world. As a result, the parties producing and/or using these systems and approaches need employees educated on this subject.